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sosto.net blog - montagne del ticino

Welcome IgersLugano

With this first post published today, we can officially announce the birth of @IgersLugano, the official Instagram community of our town. @emersongnagna, @matteofieni and myself will manage the group in its early days. Any comments or suggestions are welcome, feel free to contact us through the group account @IgersLugano directly in Instagram.

We are looking forward to (re)discovering our town and its surroundings through your eyes. Start tagging your pictures with the hashtag #igerslugano and post the images of Lugano and its surroundings that you find most inspiring. It can be anything from an art exhibition to an old lady walking her dog along the river. Be active, comment and discuss the posts tagged #igerslugano, all together we will build a lively community around our town.

Below some images from my Instagram profile.

sosto.net tombstone

cassarate studio foce gazzirola lido lugano mojito gola di lago lugano cassarate san salvatore sosto via maderno 15 lugano igerslugano

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