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When a Linux user is really happy

To tell the truth, there are few moments when a happy Linux user is really happy: these moments coincide with the situations where your GNU/Linux machine is working fine. Since a few weeks, I'm living just one of these moments.

Opensource happiness
The problem is not Linux itself but, rather, it's given by the hardware drivers: unfortunately, too often manifacturers do not release their drivers for Linux, or they do not publish the specification that would allow the open source community to code the drivers itself.
It is for this reason that an older machine has more chances to run a Linux kernel without problems, with respect to the brand new, latest laptop model for which many hardware drivers might not be available yet.

Back to my 5 year-old laptop, since a few weeks ago, when I managed to successfully configure the SoundBlaster infrared remote control thanks to this HOWTO, everything runs smoothly. And let me point out that by everything, I mean really everything.

It is in this situations that you can appreciate the real power of Linux: a virtually unlimited set of good software coupled with better hardware performances thanks to a modern, up-to-date and virus free operating system: what one could ask more from its electronic life? :-)

Here below, some pictures of my MTB excursion to Mergoscia, Valle di Mergoscia and Cimetta (and back to Tenero).

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