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sosto.net blog - montagne del ticino

Linux update

I've recently updated my computer to the latest stable Ubuntu version, which is Ubuntu 6.10. The new release works very well and it starts up quickly; the shut down, on the other hand, takes some time.. but who cares :-)

Using qiv (Quick Image Viewer) I've run into a bug: qiv fails to start due to a GDK error. The bug is known and there is an easy workaround:

$ qiv somefile.jpg

After exporting the variable XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS, qiv works properly. (To be precise, the bug is in a library used by qiv, not in qiv itself)

By the way, I tried to connect the iPod to my "Linux powered" notebook. And? It is recognised right away, no need to install dirvers, iTunes or whatever else. You can just drag & drop the song you want to add, and that's it! Powerful.

Open source is an alternative
Are you looking for an open source alternative to a commercial program? It's very possible that you will find one on Open Source As Alternative, a very reliable website that lists the best open source alternatives to the most popular commercial software.

Cuba to switch to Linux within 3 years
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