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sosto.net blog - montagne del ticino

Look at Ticino from your desktop

This afternoon I took some time to refactor (well.. to rebuild) a small Java application that visualizes some webcams located in Ticino. The images are taken from rtsi.ch (there should be no copyright problem, since we always pay the Billag's fee!)

Vista sulla catena dell'Adula da Dötra.

Vista sulla catena dell'Adula da Dötra [webcam RSI].

The application simply looks for the latest image and displays it; every 3.75 minutes it switches to the following location. Eight locations are provided: Lugano, Comano, Bellinzona, Locarno, Catto, Ascona, Dötra and Monte Generoso.

In order to install the webcam viewer, do the following:

- Download the .zip file attached to this post.
- Install the JRE (Java Runtime Environnement) version 1.5.0_10 or later (download it here).
- Now you should be able to run the application ticinocam.jar by simply double-clicking on it.

Using the webcam viewer is very simple: only three operations are allowed:

1. With a left-click on the image, you skip to the following one.
2. With a central-click (i.e. a click with the central mouse button) you close the application.
3. With a right-click you show/hide the title bar, which allows you to move the window.

Here you can find a screenshot: screenshot. By the way, I know there is a minor refreshing problem under Linux, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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