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Firefox extensions

Dominik's comments on the last post suggested me the idea of this post: my favourite Firefox extentions.

As you might already have guessed, I use Firefox, which is a fast, light-weighted and easy-to-use web browser (...that can be downloaded here). A very useful Firefox feature is the possiblity to add some plugins that extend its functionalities.

Here is the list of the plugins I use:

1. Tabbrowser preferences, it provides some more option related with tabs.

2. Gmail notifier to be informed - almost in real-time - when I get an e-mail (gmail).

3. Mail notifier: same as the previous one, but I use it for Yahoo!

4. Googlebar: even if Firefox has a built-in google search, the google toolbar provides more options (for example the image search) that I find very useful.

5. Forecastfox ...it's no surprise that I did an internship at MeteoSvizzera :-) (by the way, this plugin displays the weather of Lugano, so that it keeps my chin up during the cold winter in Fribourg!)

6. FireFTP, thanks Dominik for the hint!

7. Sage, a useful rss reader

8. WebDeveloper, very useful to check what you are developing

9. AdBlock Plus, no more annoying advertising!

10. Showcase: preview of all open tabs.

12. Flashblock: it lets you decide wether to play flash content or not.

I nearly forgot, Firefox is free, so don't hesitate to try it, it's worth it!

Update (14/6/2007): Thunderbird Extensions
Recently (spring 2007) I started using an extension for Thunderbird: Lighting. This add-on provides a very useful calendar with advanced features (for example, a ToDo list).

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